From the art room to fruition

At the beginning of each year I sit down with my dear friend, colleague, and partner in crime, Heather, and we set goals for what we want to see develop within the year. Our January meeting is normally our most productive meeting of the entire year because we focus on everything from package changes, locations we hope to get to shoot, and marketing that we just simply, must do. Those conversation are carried on through the year and some things come to fruition while others aren't as successful....

Which leads me to sit in front of my computer this rainy day. I have done the marketing research. I have cross marketed with other companies with great success, but for SOME reason I have this "blogging block."

I know I need a blog... I WANT a blog... I've had a blog, but I have reservations about blogging. Will it take too much time away from being with the kiddos? Will I have a case of TMI? Will I say something wrong or in a way that someone won't appreciate my comment. Honestly, I can say this- I will do my darndedst to not say anything but it's kinda in my nature to make things a bit awkward, odd at times, even. But, thus is life, and thus is me. So to stick to my "#grind2017" and because we are half way through the year and I am determined to mark at least 2 things off of my goals list this year, I am setting aside those reservations and making this blog thing happen.

Hendricks & Co. Art started way before we knew what its was in a small art room at Hernando High School. At the time, I sat across the room from an artist that I would fall in love with and marry years later.

Brandon was always engrossed in some amazing work of pen and ink while I often chose the red glow of the dark room. We found common ground in art. We found friendship in art. We found love in art, and years after college and exploring small parts of the world, we both landed back in our home town, created a beautiful little family, and developed a unique brand, all in a relatively small amount of time.

Nine years later we are still doing what we love. I've learned so much about myself from the time I began selling my services and my art. Brandon would say the same. Theres something about putting your art out there and hoping that you're good enough to be noticed that can really be intimidating. But, we took that leap of faith. We jumped in with both feet and the rollercoaster has been nothing but a blessed


We have been apart of so many awesome nights of I do's, even later nights of live births, and every other event in between. We've branded for amazing, successful businesses. What I've come to love are my #hendricksandcofamilies that I have been shooting for years now. Brandon has expanded his portfolio to include woodworking - on top of his mad skills of graphic and logo design. We both work full time jobs and wish that we could pour ourselves into this adventure even more so than we do. Its a work in progress and at some point we may get there- we shall see. But for now, we will continue to develop our brand, figure out where we need to grow, and go from there.

Today's goal, get a blog going. #grind2017

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