Antiques and Hand-Me-Downs

I'm in love with the story antiques tell.

There are some pieces of antiques or even "hand-me-downs" that tell a story. Some pieces of furniture that make you recall a good time, maybe even an easier time. There are some pieces of furniture that may connect you to a family member you've only heard stories about. There are some pieces of furniture that are held onto for years because the thought of letting them go, may mean disconnecting from which it came. Regardless, antiques and hand-me-downs tells a story.

As we take on projects to re-store and revitalize furniture I always love to hear the story that is attached. As Brandon and I are in the shop together talking about details and all that will be done with the project the details of the story always come up. Its fun to watch the magic happen even though there are some stages of the process that are SLOW going and I a literally watch stain dry. Documenting the project as it goes is fun too, but hands-down, the most intrinsic feeling we get is watching the reaction when the client gets their heirlooms handed back over.

Months ago I was given the opportunity to transform Brandon's Great Grandmother's curio cabinet. It had been stored in a few different attics and passed to one family member to the next... and then , one day- it ended up in the studio. Amen to such a challenge. I have heard so many stories about Ardis "Pinky" Mauney - of her kind nature and sweet spirit. She was the woman that sculpted "Granny" aka Joyce Elizabeth Riley, who, by all accounts, is a real-life walking, talking angel. She is non-judmental and always seeking to please, much like her mother has been described. It was such a beautiful moment when Granny entered my kitchen and saw the rebirth of her mother's cabinet. She was in awe and simply said, "Mother would be so proud." Eight- nine months of painting, sanding, re-sanding, re-painting, replacing glass, and just give good ole' fashion love and patience to the project... and the icing on the cake was watching Granny's smile.

I claim the majority of the project but defiantly must give credit to Brandon too. Structural damage was caused by water within the cabinet's life but Brandon was able to recreate the base, revitalize the hardware, and help to get the glass back in without shattering it!

He's given plenty of love to hand-me downs and Grandmother pieces along the way. Check out a few of the pieces he's brought back to life:

Whatever you do, don't let heirlooms deteriorate. Don't let the story that they tell deteriorate. Pass pieces of furniture down with the legacy of the person who left it here for you to enjoy. Love

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